Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ethnic Foods Research POSTS (online project)

OBJECTIVE:  Identify and describe foods native to an assigned country by creating blogs posts through your blog page.
WHY:  to better understand food cultures of others and compare them to your own food customs/culture
CLASS work time: April 29th and May 2nd
DUE DATE May 3rd by midnight!
What is it like to live and eat foods in another country?  It is a fact that culture has a direct influence on food preferences.  How do other cultures differ from your culture?  What things influence culture and therefore influence food preferences?  Your project involves researching information about the geographical, culture and food customs of a particular country. (180 points)


Create 6 blog posts on your blog page.  The posts may include any of the following information.  The posts ALL should include text and pictures.
The resources blog post is REQUIRED!
  • Cuisine of your country
  • climate
  • flag
  • map showing 2 major cities
  • eating patterns, styles and customs
  • 3 holiday/religious food traditions
  • characteristics of the cuisine
  • 3 authentic recipes
  • food guide (model) for your country
  • One-day menu
  • Comparison of your culture food choices to the country you did your research on
  • 3 Resources cited (one is a BOOK, one is a website provided by Mrs. Smith and one is your choice)

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