Wednesday, August 21, 2013

8/23/2013 Influences on food Choices

Using the textbook pages listed below:

(pg. 7 -10 and pg. 196 -197 in Food for Today) READ the content!

POST:  Choose 4 of the topics below to write 3 sentences each on.

  •  Family and Social Food Traditions and customs
  • Comfort foods
  • Entertainment
  • Adventure/Creativity
  • Resources and food choices
  • Friends/peer influence on food choices
  • Media/Advertising influences on food choices
  • Personal influences --routine/schedule, values and emotions
Blog is titled 8/23/13 Influences on Food Choices
There are at least 4 paragraphs (with at least 4 sentences each) in the writing
There are at least 4 pictures to represent the topic with captions for each picture.
The source is correctly cited!

DUE DATE:  Friday 8/23/2013 MIDNIGHT

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