Monday, December 9, 2013

Review for FINAL EXAM 2013

Material from Chapter 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 20, 21, and 24
The following concepts will be part of the assessment for this semester.

1.  Be able to make healthy substitutions for foods such as:
            cheeseburger                           A.  frozen yogurt
            sausage biscuit                        B.  grilled chicken sandwich
            ice cream                                 C.  English muffin with Canadian bacon

2.  Define:
            weight management

3.  What is anorexia?  Bulimia?  What are the symptoms of each?

4.  What is? And be able to give an example?
            Cardio respiratory endurance?
            Muscular endurance?
            Physical activity?
            Muscular strength?

5.  Obesity can cause:
            A.  diabetes
            B.  gout
            C.  colon cancer
            D.  high blood pressure
            E.  all of the above
            F.  none of the above
                        Obese is when a person’s BMI is over ________.

6.  How many calories come from protein & carbohydrates?  Fat?

7.  What are the 6 nutrients? And what food sources provide those nutrients? And what
            function in your body do the nutrients do?

8.  Cholesterol and fat are necessary nutrients.     TRUE     or     FALSE

9.  What is a pre-game meal and when should it be eaten?

10.  What is osteoporosis?

11.  What influences a person to eat what they do?

12.  How many glasses of water should you drink a day?

13.  Most of your energy should come from what nutrient?

14. Rickets is a deficiency disease where crooked legs and misshapen breast bones
            occurs.                                     TRUE     or        FALSE

15.  What are the fat soluble vitamins?  And water-soluble?

16.  A calorie is a unit of energy value of foods.              TRUE      or     FALSE

17.  The key ingredient on a cereal box label is sugar.     TRUE     or     FALSE

18.  Circle the food that has the least amount of FAT.
            Whole grain muffin     doughnut         bagel                croissant

19.  TRUE    or   FALSE        Skipping breakfast makes it hard to have a balanced

20.  An ideal breakfast is 2 grains, 1 or 2 fruits and veggies and _______ dairy.

21.  Who is becoming increasingly fat?  (what age group)

22.  Fat provides the body with (more        or          less) energy than carbohydrates.

23.  Saturated fats come from ___________________.

24.  Soda or coffee are not good choices for breakfast.   TRUE             or               FALSE

25.  Circle the food that has the HIGHEST FAT content.
            English muffin                        biscuits            pancakes/waffles         bagels

26.  Poor nutrition through out a person’s life can~ (circle all that are correct)
            A.  create health problems
            B.  always be corrected during later stages
            C.  shorten the life span
27.  What may encourage a preschooler to eat?

28.  Teens need more energy, as much protein as adults and smaller amounts of
            vitamins and minerals than adults.          TRUE               or             FALSE

29.  What nutrient is most important for athletes? ______________________

30.  Is slowing metabolism a benefit of physical activity? _________

31.  Circle what does NOT affect a person’s daily calorie needs?
            Age     body composition       eating habits    sex

32.  What is scurvy a deficiency of _________________

33.  The Dietary Guidelines suggest low or no use of _______________>

34.  What is absorption?

35.  Beriberi and pellagra are __________________ deficiencies.

36.  Anemia is a _________________ deficiency.

37.  How many ounces of meat is one serving? _____________

38.  Who needs calcium?

39.  If you don’t supply your body with calcium; your body will take the calcium from
            your __________

40.  How many glasses (8 oz.) of milk should you drink every day?  __________

41.  Vitamin D comes from what 2 sources?

42.  Create a venn diagram comparing and contrasting anorexia and bulimia.

43.  Identify the following kitchen equipment.
            Oven mitt
            Sauce pan
            Pastry blender
            Mixing bowls

44.  _____________ is half of 1 c. of milk

45.  ___________ teaspoons are in 1 tablespoon.

46.  ____________ cup is in 1 stick of butter or margarine

47.  ______________ + _____________ equals measuring ¾ c. sugar

48.  ______________ is half of ½ c. of flour

49.  What are the measurements are in a standard set of measuring spoons and cups?

50.  Draw a place setting for one person to eat mac-n-cheese.

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