Friday, January 10, 2014

Kitchen Design Project Jan. 10 2014 DUE 1/16/14

Send your completed design to include your names and hour by 1/16/2014 midnight.

Kitchen Design Project
Directions: You will be designing a kitchen from scratch. There will be two parts to this project. The 1st part is creating a Haiku Deck exhibiting the elements you will use in your kitchen. The 2nd part will be the kitchen floor plan. You can create the floor plan using the app Planner 5D:  Floor plans and interior and the iPad. 60 points

Part 1: Haiku Deck & Kitchen Description
The presentation needs to include pictures, titles, cost of the elements used in your kitchen, and total cost of your kitchen. The presentation will include the following:
1.     Flooring
2.     Walls (Paint, wallpaper)
3.     Cabinets
4.     Appliances(dishwasher, microwave, refrigerators, stoves, sinks)
5.     Countertops
Part 2: Floor Plan (the Haiku Deck will have this information included; as well as designed in the floor plan)
The floor plan for your kitchen can be made using Planner 5D app.  When creating the floor plan use similar elements that you have chosen for your kitchen. Below is what you will need to include for your kitchen floor plan.
1.     List dimensions                               width                                                             length
2.     Kitchen layout used                                                          
3.     Show all elements chosen for your kitchen. (flooring, wall paint, cabinets, appliances)
4.     Include ventilation for your kitchen.
5.     Please include 5 d├ęcor items. 

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