Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Athlete nutrition project 11/5/2014 & 11/7/2014

Athlete nutrition project.
Objective read and analyze printed materials about nutrition, athletes and performance.

1. Read the article you were given, highlight 5 MAIN ideas (done on Wednesday 11/5 and in the drawer in our kitchen storage) 
START HERE Friday 11/7/2014
2. Identify ONE additional source that supports or disputes the information from #1, TAKE a screenshot of the article
3. Create a presentation using explain everything OR www.emaze.com 
      Presentation INCLUDES ALL:
      -Topic title, names and HOUR
      -5 main ideas with images
      -comparison of two articles (2 paragraphs)
      -suggestions for TEENS in relationship to the topic
4. Share your presentation with Mrs. Smith at ssmith188.food@blogger.com
*Explain everything HINTS, when your presentation is complete (make sure you have recorded voice on each "slide"), load to camera roll and then to you tube, then click "tell a friend" and share to the nutrition and food blog :)
Due date FRIDAY 11/7/2014

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