Friday, January 2, 2015

WELCOME TO Spring Semester 2015!!!! Nutrition and FOOD II

Nutrition & Food II

Mrs. Suzan Smith
Pleasant Hill High School
Family and Consumer Sciences Department
816-540-3111 Ext. 5200
Conference Period 8:29 – 9:20 a.m.

            This course provides students opportunity to study advanced cooking techniques and international cooking.  In-depth study of the various food groups and application of cooking skills will be part of this class.  Career explorations in the foods industry will be researched.  Foreign countries and customs will be researched and presented in class.

Textbook                                                                                              Food for Today

Course Outline (times listed are tentative)
Unit One: Leadership                                                                                    continual
            FCCLA programs that address health, wellness & nutrition
Unit Two: Kitchen Design                                                                            1 week
            A.  describe the three major work centers in a kitchen and the six basic
                  kitchen floor plans
            B.  Illustrate arrangement, kitchen shape, work centers and equipment to a
                  specific kitchen
            C.  Demonstrate how to set a table correctly with appropriate tableware
Unit Three: Developing Food Preparation Skills                                         continual
            A.  recognize safe and sanitary food preparation practices
            B.  identify kitchen tools and terms in basic food preparation
Unit Four:  Microwave Cooking                                                              5 weeks
            A.  Describe how the microwave cooks food
            B.  Identify factors that affect microwave cooking
            C.  Prepare a variety of foods using the microwave
Unit Five: Choose My Plate                                                                    9 weeks
            A.  Identify the functions of ingredients in a grain product(s)
            B.  Apply principles of preparing & cooking vegetables
            C.  Apply principles of preparing & cooking fruits
            D.  Apply principles of cooking milk and milk products
            E.  Apply principles of selecting and preparing meat & beans
            F.  Plan nutritious menus using meal patterns based on Choose My Plate

            G.  Identify factors that affect food costs and comparison shop to decide what
                  foods to buy
Unit Six:  Explore Cuisine from Around the World                                           continual
            A.  Recognize specific influences, food products, equipment & cooking
                  techniques from around the world
            B.  Prepare foods native to countries from around the world
Unit Seven:  Careers                                                                                          continual
            A.  Identify career clusters and careers related to the food industry
            B.  Investigate working conditions and income of careers

Course Requirements
  • Assigned course readings
  • Daily bell work and homework assignments
  • Unit tests and quizzes
  • $25 Lab Fee

Class Rules
You are responsible for knowing and following school-wide rules as listed in the Student handbook.
  • Be prepared to learn and participate each day
  • Be respectful of other’s belongings, ideas and right to learn
  • Listen to and follow directions
  • Follow all safety rules at all times

  • Student-teacher conferences
  • Phone call or email home
  • Office referral

Grading Scale 

            A         100 -  95%                   C     76 – 73%
            A-          94 – 90%                   C-    72 – 70%
            B+         89 -  87%                   D+   69 – 67%
            B           86 -  83%                   D      66 - 63%
            B-          82 -  80%                   D-     62 – 60%
            C+         79 – 77%                   F       59 -    0%

Assessment Strategy            Description                                   Percent
Daily Participation


Daily Work


Final Exam
Attendance, class behavior, participation and general attitude

Quality of lab experiences, written and/or oral work

Quality of self-evaluation, reactions and other daily work

Quality of concept knowledge through tests and quizzes

Final exam completed





Overall Grading Guide   Students earning an A will participate in class daily, have above average attendance, complete all assignments with accuracy and turn in all projects and homework. Those students earning B’s will participate in class daily, have good attendance, complete assignments while missing some and turn in projects and homework..  Students earning a C will not participate in class daily, their attendance would not be consistent, incomplete assignments would be turned in and not all projects or homework were turned in.

Extra Help Opportunities   Students may come in before school from 6:45 a.m. until 7:30 a.m. to receive additional help with assignments.

Make-up work will be made available, upon request, to students when they return to school  Time given for make-up work, as per school policy, is upon returning to school the make-up work is due in one day after your return.

Detentions all will be served on either Tuesdays a.m. from 7:15 a.m. until 7:30 a.m. OR Wednesdays from 2:35 p.m. until 2:50 p.m.

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