Tuesday, January 12, 2016

check list for kitchen design project DUE 1.14.16

Kitchen Design Project Scoring Guide           
100 points

Part I:  Presentation of Kitchen

_______Presentation was electronically sent to teacher’s e-mail by the deadline (6 points)

_______Pictures of Kitchen design with titles (minimum of 10-one per slide) (20 points)

_______Cost of the Kitchen Elements was included (20 points)

_______Features were described using details (floors, walls, cabinets, and countertops)
                        (14  points)

_______Appliances and their prices are presented. (10 points)

_______5 décor items are picture (10 points)

Part 2:  Floor Plan

_______a screenshot of the floor plan is embedded in the presentation (4 points)

_______dimensions of the floor plan are given (6 points)

_______Kitchen layout is identified (2 points)

_______detailed Kitchen Elements are shown in the design (10 points)

_______Ventilation is included in the design (3 points)

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