Thursday, March 10, 2016

Quick Breads Assessment Due March 11th at midnight

Create a google presentation about "quick breads"

min. 8 slides

The 1st slide is a title slide (the title of your presentation, your name and today's date)


Clip art or visual on each slide (can be pictures of products we made) and as well as "captions" and descriptions

ONE embedded video clip on a slide

Appropriate transitions or flow from slide to slide

FACTS that relate to the preparation of quick breads, key concepts when preparing quick breads, science principles behind baking, serving and storing suggestions

ONE slide has writing that begins with "what i now know about making quick breads. . . . ." ONE paragraph

Quick breads we prepared
chicken and dumplings
cinnamon twists OR bread sticks
ice cream cone cupcakes (cake)
rollout sugar cookies

EVERYONE turns in their own slides, shared with

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